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2020 A-State United Way Lip Sync Battles Official Rules and Regulations

Procedure to Enter:
Pick a favorite song and create a video of yourself lip syncing – creativity is up to you – and email the video to enter into the A-State Lip Sync Battle. The video should only contain the contestant entering the contest and campus COVID-19 regulations must be maintained (see Rules below). There is NO FEE to enter a video in the contest. Email your video from an A-State email account to Shaila Creekmore, Director of Business Development, at with the Subject Line: Lip Sync Battle. The email should include the contestant’s full name, hometown, classification and if your video submission represents an organization/club (i.e., Greek Life, campus religions organization, campus student organization) or if a staff/faculty member include name and department represented.
Who can Enter:
Any currently registered A-State student, on campus or off-campus, part-time or full-time and/or faculty or staff member, part-time or full-time.
Important Dates:
October 19, 2020 - Contest Begins – start making your video to be entered in the contest
November 2, 2020 - Final Day for entries to be submitted
November 5, 2020 - Voting Begins 
November 13, 2020 - Voting Ends at Noon
November 14, 2020 - Winners Announced
Winners will receive the following prizes. 
1st place: $200 Visa Gift Card provided by ARVEST Bank.
2nd place: Restaurant Gift Card Package valued at $85 provided by Newk's and Lost Pizza.
3rd place: Newk's "Be Out Guest" Cards valued at $60.
If two or more entries tie for the top spot, then a 24-hour tie breaking vote would take place among those in the tie only. Those in the tie will be notified via e-mail and the vote will be announced on A-State United Way and Volunteer A-State’s social media.
Voting Rules and Fees:
Once an entry has been accepted and published to the website, the individual submitting the entry will be sent via email a special link to their entry. That link can be shared with family and friends for people to vote on.
Vote price is $1 per vote. Proceeds from all voting will benefit United Way of Northeast Arkansas, a 501(c)(3).
A person may vote as often as they wish and on as many entries as they wish to vote on. A credit/debit card will be required to cast a vote.
Voting fees are tax deductible as allowed by law as United Way of NEA is a 501(c)(3) organization. A tax receipt will be given when you complete your voting purchase. Remember that donations up to $300 can be taken on your non-itemized 2020 tax returns.
No credit/debit card is needed to simply view the videos; they are only required to cast a vote.
Entry approval or denial will be given via return email after submission.
Contest Rules:
Lip Sync Video Rules:
ALL CAMPUS COVID-19 REGULATIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED OR YOUR VIDEO WILL BE REJECTED. ONLY ONE PERSON PER VIDEO! We recognize this will be a challenge in a lip sync contest, so we encourage you to be creative. 
Your song choice and video can be whatever you wish it to be. There is no particular theme you must follow.
Any entries with depictions that are racist, political, cause related (excluding United Way of Northeast Arkansas or support of the A-State Red Wolves), contain swearing, gang signs, sexual references, violence or depictions of violence, nudity or other offensive material or depictions will be rejected. If your entry violates any of these excluded categories, an email will be sent to the individual submitting the entry noting the specific reason for the rejection. The contestant will have the ability to submit a different video to be considered by the deadline.
Your video length can be as short or long as you like, but length should be considered to maximize the number of views and votes you receive.
Do not include people in your video who have not given permission to be included in your video (i.e., no random people in the background who are recognizable).
Entries must be submitted from a valid A-State e-mail account ( for students and for faculty/staff).
Entry Rules:
Only 1 entry allowed per individual. Only one individual should appear in one video submitted by a group.
There is NO FEE to enter a video for the contest.
Contestants must be a current registered A-State student or employed faculty/staff member.
Entries are to be submitted by sending only one (1) video via email to Videos can be loaded to Google Doc or Dropbox if too large to email to be downloaded for submission, but it should NOT be preloaded to YouTube. Videos already loaded to YouTube will not be accepted.
Entries can be submitted starting October 19, 2020.
Last day to submit an entry is November 2, 2020.
All copyrights of the lip sync video belong to the contestant submitting the video. Copyrights of the music is retained by the artists of the original song. By submitting to the contest, United Way of Northeast Arkansas and Volunteer A-State are given permission to publish the video in the contest, promotion of the contest, news/media reporting, promotion on social media, and displaying of the results. 
Once an entry is accepted, United Way of Northeast Arkansas will email acceptance or rejection to the submitting email.
Entries will only be accepted via email to with the subject line: Lip Sync Battle. 
When submitting an entry, the following must be provided in the email: Full name of contestant, hometown, classification, and if your video submission represents an organization/club (i.e., Greek Life, campus religions organization, campus student organization). Faculty/Staff member must include name and department represented.
United Way of Northeast Arkansas will NOT sell, distribute or otherwise disseminate any personal information submitted including names, emails or ages of any persons participating in this contest. 
Thank you to our Lip Sync Battle Sponsors!





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