Our Work

Our Mission, Your Impact 

Our mission remains the same today as it did with our local founders in 1955. We unite people, resources and funding to help build strong and equitable communities, where everyone can thrive in the areas of health, education, financial stability, and basic needs. By banding together, giving collectively, working as one, we can help all. This infrastructure ensures we are there for those who need help now, and those who may need it in the future. This is more than a campaign; United Way is a cause.

With the support of our donors, United Way has committed $422,103 to support our Northeast Arkansas community through funding the following programs and partnerships in 2024, as well as additional community projects. 

Funded Partners:

Funded Partners of United Way of Northeast Arkansas are nonprofit agencies who are working to improve the education, financial stability and health of our community. Our current investments are building the capacity of our partners and supporting programs that work to ensure that everyone in our community can thrive. 

In-House Initiatives:

United Way of Northeast Arkansas is proud to offer grant and private donor funded in-house initiatives FREE to our community. These initiatives provide crucial services to our community in the areas of health, education, and financial stability. In 2022, over 34,246 of our neighbors benefited and participated in these initiatives. LEARN MORE HERE.


To determine how funds are distributed within communities across NEA, United Way staff and volunteers follow the Collective Impact Model shown below. These funds are directed towards impacting our areas' most critical needs. 

collective impact model