Company Partners

The United Way Annual Campaign connects local needs with donors, offering donors an opportunity to unite under one umbrella in order to change lives and improve our community . Our collective approach and the scope of the work we do together is what makes United Way unique. Becoming a corporate partner, sponsoring an event or hosting a workplace campaign feels good and makes a true impact in our community, but makes good business sense too. Studies show consumers are more likely to support organizations that are involved in the local community and employees stay longer at companies who value their community and passions. United Way’s brand is recognized throughout the world and carries tremendous value. You can feel good about your investment because healthy communities are good for business. 


United Way's premier partnership opportunity is through Corporate Giving. companies have the opportunity to partner with UnitedWay at the corporate level in two primary ways: a simple corporate campaign gift of any amount or a corporate employee matching gift that matches the gift of employees during their annual workplace campaign. Both gift types are eligible for Corporate Benefits and will receive on-going recognition and media coverage throughout the year as a leading partner of United Way.

Employee Giving Match

Corporate Employee Matching Gifts are a great way to kick-start your company's workplace campaign success through supporting employees in their giving efforts. Our partners will encourage their companies to reach a goal of a set amount, with the promise of matching that gift dollar for dollar.

Corporate Gift

Corporate Campaign Gifts are a major driving force in helping us reach our annual campaign goal. Many companies will donate a corporate gift on behalf of their employees in lieu of hosting a workplace campaign, supporting both their employees and our community!


During a workplace campaign, executives and volunteers within a company encourage their co-workers to join United Way’s work through a donation or pledge to United Way's Annual Campaign. Workplace campaigns are the largest share of our fundraising efforts, making up about 60% annually.